Art of the Black Dog Now On Amazon

Art of the Black Dog Now On Amazon

Art of the Black dog is a beautiful photographic book celebrating our black shelter dogs. Black shelter dogs are the least adopted and most euthanized of all shelter dogs in America. The proceeds from the sale of ART OF THE BLACK DOG are donated to BLACK DOG SYNDROME.ORG to bring awareness to this issue and end the killing of shelter dogs.



5 STARS. Breathtaking Photos.  As an animal lover and lifelong advocate for dogs, this is now in my collection of coffee table books. Why? Because what better way to bring awareness and knowledge than breathtaking photos and short quotes about man’s best friend. I stumbled across this book via a friend on Facebook and I couldn’t be happier! Grateful for this wonderful addition to my collection. As a dog trainer, this is an issue is close to my heart. I am currently the happy parent of two black dogs.

5 STARS.  Want to be the difference? Art of the Black Dog is beautifully produced, well written and tells a much needed-to-be- heard story about the dire fate of far too many black dogs and cats, referred to as Black Dog Syndrome. This is not a Sarah McLachlan sob commercial, but a genuine and uplifting look at real life here in America. Buy the book, read it, and you decide. You can make a difference.

Beautiful Art of the Black Dog cocktail table artbook now on Amazon Books For Christmas Gifts. All proceeds donated to BLACK DOG nonprofit.


Art of the Black Dog Now On AmazonART OF THE BLACK DOG NOW ON AMAZON.