What Is Black Dog Syndrome?

What Is Black Dog Syndrome?

What Is Black Dog Syndrome? Black Dog Syndrome is a tragic phenomenon that occurs in America’s animal shelters. Too many black dogs rot in their kennels waiting for someone to love them, while their lighter colored siblings get adopted out immediately. The euthanizing rate is double for Black Dogs than their light-colored brethren. Of the 2 million dogs euthanized in America’s black dogs make up the highest percentage.

Is this appalling kind of judgment by color the values and thinking we want to pass on to our children?  The thought process of thinking one dog is better than the other solely based on a dogs’ color is equal to making the same judgment about the people in our community.

We happen to think here at Green Pets of America, that the treatment of our animals is a psycho social issue.  There’s a direct link to animal abuse and domestic abuse.  We want to help educate children at an early age.

We hope to change that with the “Black Dog Syndrome Project” which is an awareness campaign taking information into the schools about humane treatment of animals, particularly our black shelter dogs.  As the saying goes, if you know better you do better and we hope to ensure we all do better when it comes to our black dogs.   Dogs, like people, shouldn’t be judged by the color on the outside.

Jone Eareckson Tada said it best, “If you truly believe in the value of life, you care about all of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.”

What Is Black Dog Syndrome?At Black Dog Syndrome.org we not only believe in the value of all life, human and animal.  We celebrate and educate on the unconditional love our companions bring us every day.

If you believe in the value of a black dog’s life, please join us at  Black Dog Syndrome.org.


What is Black Dog Syndrome was written by Steve Monahan is a 12-year national animal welfare leader. Founder of Green Pets America Charities and Black Dog Syndrome.org. For 12 years Steve ran a death row rescue. Steve has been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for humanitarian service to Georgia’s animals and pet families in need.what is black dog syndrome