How To End Black Dog Syndrome

Black Dog is a non-profit focused on ending Black Dog Syndrome through education and adoption programs to adopt black shelter dogs, the least adopted most euthanized dogs in America. Developing national awareness’ and helping animal shelters with black dog marketing and adoptions through our programs of Black Dog Friday, Black Dog Pickles and the Black Dog Syndrome Super Hero Dog Awards programs.

This article is about how to end black dog syndrome. Black Dog Syndrome is a tragic phenomenon that occurs in America’s animal shelters. Black dogs rot in their kennels waiting for someone to love them, while their lighter colored siblings get adopted out immediately. The euthanizing rate is over 750,000 yearly.

At Black Dog Syndrom we ask is killing over 750,000 black dogs every year, because of their color the kind of judgment we want to pass on to our children?  The thought process of thinking one dog is better than the other solely based on a dogs’ color is equal to making the same judgment about the people in our community.

How To End Black Dog Syndrome.

Read Rescue Renew Rehome and be inspired with the possibilities to rescue and adopt America’s homeless dogs. With a special chapter on ending Black Dog Syndrome.

 Rescue Renew Rehome covers in detail  20 ways to save more our shelter animals now. Plus learn how to set up private animal adoption shelters and community pet Villages across America to finally end the killing of shelter dogs in America and how to end black dog syndrome.

In Rescue Renew Rehome you will read the story of Shiva, the 911 Dog that consoled survivors at the Pentagon, and the stories of Ruby and Sweet Pea who were rescued renewed and rehomed from kill shelters in Georgia.

This book will also show you how working together we can adopt 4 million homeless pets yearly. You will learn about the new eco Green Shelters and Green Villages, where pet owners come together as a community to care for, adopt and celebrate our pets.

You will learn about “Cause Marketing” … think Breast Cancer Runs and Ice Bucket Challenge and how Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups can learn to use it to raise the money they need to adopt all dogs and cats.

You will learn about America’s $60 billion-dollar Pet Industry and how animal welfare and the pet industry working together not separately end the euthanization of healthy and happy shelter animals.

The best seller book now on Amazon books, Rescue Renew Rehome, is a no-nonsense, real world,  game changing, break through book you must read. You will be buying copies for your animal loving friends, family, your local Animal Shelter, and Rescue Groups.

How To End Black Dog SyndromeRESCUE RENEW REHOME, written by Steve Monahan a 12-year national animal welfare leader. Founder of Green Pets America Charities and Black Dog For 12 years Steve ran a death row rescue. Steve has been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for humanitarian service to Georgia’s animals and pet families in need.


how to end black dog syndrome

BLACK DOG SYNDROMEArticle: How To End Black Dog Syndrome written by Steven Monahan.